About Us

Our Name:

Babel Concerts is all about creating a community to support our creators of eclectic and diverse music. Hence the reference to the Tower of Babel, where God de-unified the language of the constituents of Shinar (שִׁנְעָר‎).

Additionally, our name is apropos because the Tower of Babel was not an Ivory tower, and our concerts are the first time many of our performers will be performing outside of conservatory/academia or a big organization.

How we got started? 

Babel Concerts is run by artistic and general director, Jacob Leibowitz. He initially was just looking for a place to perform with his ensemble, Psychedelic Super Socks, but why have one concert when you can have many and build community around it? So, he created this concert series.

About Jacob:

Jacob Leibowitz is a composer and bassist, who takes pride in his ability to shape his audience’s experience through time, both through the mediums of sound/silence and through visuals that are present in his music videos and some of his live pieces.

After participating in New York Youth Symphony’s composition program, he continued his studies at the Manhattan School of Music under the guidance of Dr. J. Mark Stambaugh and Dr. Reiko Fueting. In 2021, Jacob won a commission from The Guild of Carillonneurs in North America, to write his composition, Fractured Chronology, for Claire Janezic, based on the idea of clock time (as opposed to duration).

Currently Jacob is making his way in the world as a composer, bassist, singer, conductor, and sound engineer, and focusing his time on his high energy music and video projection, duo, Psychedelic Super Socks.